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Kolding Byferie - Handicapvenlige

Kedelsmedgangen 2
6000 Kolding

Phone: 75 54 18 00
Fax: 75 54 18 02
Email: ferie@kolding-byferie.dk

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List of registered facilities:
Kolding Byferie

Ukendt tekst Kolding Byferie - Handicapvenlige

Kolding Byferie - a 4-star holiday centre - has 85 luxury apartments situated in the heart of Kolding. Many of the apartments have a beautiful view of Slotssøen (lake) and Koldinghus (castle). Our apartments are used by both holiday visitors and company visitors, and please remember: when staying at Kolding Byferie, you have free admission to the 5-star water centre Slotssøbadet. You may choose to stay in apartments shaped as stars, triangles, circles, quadrangles, half-stars, ships and octagons or in fairly traditional apartments. The apartments are for 2 - 8 visitors and sizes vary from 40 up to 74 m2. Against a reservation fee of just 10 per cent of the rent you may freely decide the shape and location of your apartment.

Ukendt tekstKolding Byferie - Handicapvenlige Ukendt tekstKolding Byferie - Handicapvenlige 


Distance from car park to entrance
Passage in outdoor areas on route to entrance
Access and level differences at entrance, ticket counter, etc
Landings and horizontal areas at entrance, ticket counter, etc
Guide and service dogs
Access for service dogs : Yes  
Paving in outdoor areas, general
Surfacing of outdoor areas, general : Yes  
Surfacing of outdoor areas, general  : Cement, concrete or the like  
Free passage in outdoor areas, general
Clear width in outdoor areas, general  : 130 cm  
Level differences in outdoor areas, general
Differences in levels in outdoor areas, general  : No  
Type of levelling in outdoor areas, general  : Levelled out on ground  
Gradient of levelling  : 6 %  
Free passage, doors other than entrance door
Width of doors in building  : 80 cm  
Doors, attractive/compressive force (heaviest non-entrance door) : 1.5 kg  
Layout and design of toilet rooms
Entrance landings in front of the toilet: Yes  
Lavatory door, width  : 80 cm  
Lavatory threshold, height  : 0 cm  
Lavatory doors can be opened/closed using a tractive or compressive force of  : 1 kg  
Clear manoeuvring area in lavatories  : Yes  
Width of turning area in lavatory  : 140 cm  
Length of turning area in lavatory  : 135 cm  
Clear space on one side of lavatory bowl.  : 95 cm  
Position of clear space of at least 0.8 m  : On one side of lavatory bowl  
Distance from lavatory bowl to back wall  : 70 cm  
Lavatory bowl, height  : 51 cm  
Lavatory, position of support rails  : Right and left side  
Possible to use washbasin when sitting on lavatory bowl.  : Yes  
Height of wash basin: 82 cm  
Clear space under wash basin: Yes  
Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency  : Yes  
Mirror, lower edge  : 90 cm  
Layout and design of bath - shower area/cabinet shower
Type of bathing facility: separate shower  
Access to shower  : from all sides  
Change in level at shower : 1.5 cm  
Operation of shower : Standing and sitting   
Type of shower: Ukendt tekst  
Minimum height for wall position of shower: 120 cm  
Maximum height of shower on wall: 190 cm  
Shower seat/stool  : Shower stool available  
Seating height : 48 cm  
The seat/stool must be provided with drop down armrests on both sides : Very good armrests  
Height of water and temperature control devices: 110 cm  
Sleeping space/room
Number of rooms accessible to wheelchair users  : 4 pcs.  
Width of room doors  : 81 cm  
Height from floor to top of mattress : 50 cm  
Ukendt tekst: Ukendt tekst  
Clear space : 130 cm  
Clear length along bed : 160 cm  
Limited kitchen facilities
Kitchen facilities offered for personal use  : Yes  
Space for manoeuvring : Yes  
Kitchen workstations : Ukendt tekst  
Kitchen facilities available for personal use: Yes  
Personal service  : Yes  
Distance to public transport : 30 m  
Distance to grocery store  : 0.1 km  
Distance to kiosk : 0.1 km  

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