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Fact Sheet - Wheelchair users

KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg - Sal B

Ukendt tekstKUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg - Sal B

List of registered facilities:
KUNSTEN - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

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Category:Lecture Hall

Address:Kong Christians Alle 50
City:9000 Ålborg
Phone:99 82 41 00
Fax:98 16 28 20
Opening hours:se hjemmesiden

Museum of modern art
The museum of modern art, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, houses a permanent collection of Danish and international art from around 1900 to the present.

The impressive building was designed by renowned architects Elissa and Alvar Aalto, and Jean-Jacques

Special exhibitions, sculpture park and amphitheatre. Concerts, seminars and films.

Conducted tours can be arranged when contacting the Museum's office.


Parking, general
Number of disabled parking spaces  :1 pcs.
Total number of parking spaces :0 pcs.
Disability parking, marking and signage
Surface marking of disabled parking spaces  :No
Parking area, paving
Surfacing on disabled parking spaces :The surfacing is even and firm
Parking spaces, size
Disabled parking space, width  :3.5 m
Number of parking spaces for vans  :1 pcs.
Distance from car park to entrance
Distance from disabled parking space/car park to main entrance  :10 m
Distance from stopping zone to main entrance  :10 m
Paving in outdoor areas along route to entrance
Surfacing on outdoor walkways is firm and intact:Yes
Type of surfacing in outdoor areas leading to main entrance  :Good pavement, setts
Passage in outdoor areas on route to entrance
Clear width in outdoor areas leading to main entrance  :200 cm
Level differences along route to entrance
Levelfree access up to entrance  :No
Type of levelling up to entrance  :Levelled out on ground
Gradient of levelling  :5 %
Access and level differences at entrance, ticket counter, etc
Clear width at main entrance, reception or ticket counter  :150 cm
Access through entrance without changes in level  :Yes
Landings and horizontal areas at entrance, ticket counter, etc
Entrance landings :Yes
Free passage through doors, etc at entrance
Clear width through entrance doors  :96 cm
Guide and service dogs
Access for service dogs :Yes
Level access to lifts :Yes
Indicate depth of clear manoeuvring area measured at right angles to the door :200 cm
Clear opening width of lift door  :170 cm
Width of lift car  :170 cm
Depth of lift car  :200 cm
Free passage, doors other than entrance door
Width of doors in building  :80 cm
Free passage, interior corridors and ramps
Clear width, corridors  :100 cm
Corridors free of furniture, etc.  :Yes
Level differences, interior corridors and ramps
Gradients exceeding 1:16  :No
Level-free circulation in building and level-free access to communal facilities  :Yes
Stairs and ramps inside buildings
Alternative to stairs (eg ramp, lift, stair lift):Yes
Toilets, general
Layout and design of toilet rooms
Chairs and tables
Clearance under tables :68 cm
Clear depth under table:40 cm
Design and layout of rooms with permanent seating for audience
Number of wheelchair spaces :1 pcs.
Wheelchair spaces in rows of chairs :Yes
Is there a free view from the wheelchair spaces? :Yes
Width of wheelchair space :100 cm
Length of wheelchair space :150 cm
Shortest length of clear area at wheelchair place :140 cm
Wheelchair users can sit next to accompanying person :Yes
Personal service  :Yes
Distance to public transport :400 m
Are accompanying persons offered free access?  :Yes

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