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Fact Sheet - People with a sight impairment

KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg - Sal B

Ukendt tekstKUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg - Sal B

List of registered facilities:
KUNSTEN - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

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Category:Lecture Hall

Address:Kong Christians Alle 50
City:9000 Ålborg
Phone:99 82 41 00
Fax:98 16 28 20
Opening hours:se hjemmesiden

Museum of modern art
The museum of modern art, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, houses a permanent collection of Danish and international art from around 1900 to the present.

The impressive building was designed by renowned architects Elissa and Alvar Aalto, and Jean-Jacques

Special exhibitions, sculpture park and amphitheatre. Concerts, seminars and films.

Conducted tours can be arranged when contacting the Museum's office.


Disability parking, marking and signage
Passage in outdoor areas on route to entrance
Clear area, width :120 cm
Free area, height :300 cm
Separation of traffic types
Separation of forms of traffic up to main entrance  :Yes
Height of separation :7 cm
Lighting and markings at entrance
Lighting at entrance doors, reception, lobby, etc  :Yes
Marking of entrances by signs or changed surfacing in circulation areas  :With sign and changed surfacing
Glass panel with horizontal marking  :Good marking everywhere
Guide and service dogs
Access for guide dogs:Yes
Free passage, interior corridors and ramps
Corridors free of furniture, etc.  :Yes
Circulation areas can be used as guiding lines :Yes
Attention field at level changes inside buildings
Attention fields in building  :No
Lighting inside buildings
Distance between sources of lighting :2 m
Stairs and ramps inside buildings
Marking on steps  :No marking
Handrails, position :Both sides
Direction guides inside building
Personal escort :Yes
Toilets, general
Layout and design of toilet rooms
Design and layout of rooms with permanent seating for audience
Steps are visible in the dark :Yes
Orientation signs for lifts, lavatories, etc  :Good signage in many places
Clear signage :Ukendt tekst
Clear text on signs :Ukendt tekst
Sign contrasts :Ukendt tekst
Height of signs :160 cm
Personal service  :Yes
Distance to public transport :400 m
Are accompanying persons offered free access?  :Yes
Web page accessibility
Accessibility-tested website :Ukendt tekst

The service provider intends to improve the following conditions in connection with major refurbishment and renovation projects:
Attention fields in building  
Marking on steps  

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